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Heart of Enya is a 2D narrative-focused strategic RPG with visual novel elements. You play as Willow Wisp, a campfire spirit who guides a group of amateur adventurers in harnessing the warm magic of self love to fend off the Frost that surrounds them.

Cycle between helping them connect with each other at night and advising them in battle with icy foes during the day. Fighting can be difficult, so feel free to retreat back to the campfire and make some soup to warm your heart again.

Heart of Enya controls with a mouse only. Click on elements to interact with the game.

Heart of Enya was originally a student project that developed as part of the Computational Media/Art: Games and Playable Media senior capstone course at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The updated itch.io release includes new features, including saving and loading, dynamic lighting, and a remastered soundtrack.



  • Tino Abate, she/her (itch.io)
    • Creative Director
    • Lead Programmer and Build Queen
  • Gigi Bachtel, they/them (portfolio, linkedin, itch.io)
    • Art Director/Producer
    • Technical Artist
    • Artist - Backgrounds and VFX
  • Janel Catajoy, they/them (portfolio, linkedin, itch.io)
    • Artist - Character Art, Visual Development/Concept Art, and Promotional Art
  • Phi (Ruth Schoenberg), they/them (itch.io, portfolio, linkedin)
    • Artist - Enemies, Obstacles, UI Concepting
    • Editor
    • QA and Testing
  • Lily Young, she/her (portfolio)
    • Artist - UI and Iconography
  • Bo (Amber Sargeant), she/her, they/them (itch.io)
    • Programmer - Gameplay, Systems, UI and General(Scripting)
  • Hana Cho, she/her (itch.io)
    • Programmer - Gameplay, Systems, Audio, and Event
  • Ben Roisen, he/him (itch.io)
    • Programmer - Gameplay, Systems, Soup, and Dialogue
  • Rexford Jew, he/him (itch.io, linkedin)
    • Game Designer - Movesets, Systems, Progression, and UI
  • David Magnusson, he/him (itch.io)
    • Game Designer - Movesets, Systems, Progression and Encounters
  • Teresa Chen, she/her (itch.io, linkedin)
    • Writer
  • Jake Burdick, he/him
    • Composer
    • Sound Designer
  • Charles Miller, he/him (linkedin, itch.io)
    • Producer
  • Dobby
    • Team Dog

Install instructions

Download and unzip the appropriate build for your platform.

Double click the .exe/.app to begin.


Heart of Enya v1.3.3 (Linux).zip 100 MB
Heart of Enya v1.3.3 (Mac OSX).app.zip 97 MB
Heart of Enya v1.3.3 (Windows).zip 97 MB

Development log


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Hi there! I absolutely love the look of this and the music is lovely and chill- but it's incredibly slow on my computer! Is there a particular setting I need to have it on to make it run smoothly? I really want to play this!